Domintell LightBus

LED dimming for all

Our new innovation in lighting solutions automation.
Combine the best of LED lighting with the perfect dimming technology from Domintell, for an unparalleled result, at a controlled cost.

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Domintell Pilot

your house in your pocket

Control all the installation of your house from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. With Domintell Pilot, it is an infinity of possibilities that are offered to you by customizing your atmospheres and the actions of your favorite devices.

Dmax by Domintell

the smart Bluetooth® suite

The Dmax product range is a lighter home automation solution which allows you to control your favorite devices from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the Bluetooth® technology. 

Dcare by Domintell

Take care of your loved ones

Dcare is a digital assistance solution for the security of seniors at home or in health institutions based on a smart bracelet linked to a mobile application to connect the wearer to his or her network of caregivers.

Domintell life

The automation warranty for life

With Domintell Life, we offer you a lifetime warranty on your automation installation! In close collaboration with your installer, you do not have to worry about maintenance and troubleshooting anymore


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