Simple & intuitive

A system that's easy to set up and operate, tailored to your every need.

Easy to handle

The Domintell system has been designed to make automation accessible to all kinds of people. Thanks to your personalized configurations in our ergonomic GoldenGate software, it's easy to make changes to your installation and control it via our Domintell Pilot application.

An open system

Our aim was to offer a automation complete and therefore open to integrations with third-party devices and solutions. In addition to our collaborations with well-known brands such as Sonos or Amazon Alexa, or our associated technologies, we offer interface modules to buttons from third-party manufacturers (Niko, Legrand, etc.) that our users want to use.

photo of a button interfaced to the Domintell system in a room at Dworp's B&B Hof ter Kouter

You're never alone

We offer various solutions to help you discover our system and its configuration environment. You can call on our trained installer-integrators (or train yourself!), or contact our support department for direct assistance from the system's creators themselves!

two people in front of a laptop displaying GoldenGate software