Live to the sound of music

Your connected multi-room audio systems, combined with our technology, grant you access to the best in audio, with configurations for a gradual increase in sound in the morning or the triggering of a playlist at the opening of a shop, for example. Our Hi-Fi amplifiers will allow you to adapt your musical ambience to your needs on multiple devices connected to your building.

The best of sound with Sonos

To bring you the best of sound, we collaborate with the Sonos audio system. Thanks to its integration with the Domintell technology, you can automate the control of your Sonos devices and configure customized ambiences as you wish, or from your central touchscreen.

Home cinema

By combining the Domintell system with your home appliances, you can easily set up one or more home cinema atmospheres. Combine reduced lighting intensity with a personalized color, lowering the screen, projector and audio system launch: you're at home in the cinema!