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As part of our will to expand our distribution network, Domintell is always on the lookout for new electricians and automation installers ready to work with the Domintell technology.

To help our installers develop an affinity and skills with the Domintell system, we offer professionals the opportunity to attend free training courses about the Domintell automation system.

From introductory Level I to more advanced Level II training, our experts will guide you through a day of theoretical and practical exercises to train you, tomorrow's Domintell installers!

For further information or to register, please contact us using the following form.


Level 1

05/28/24 - FR
05/29/24 - NL

03/09/24 - FR
04/09/24 - NL

05/11/24 - FR
06/11/24 - NL

Level 2

11/06/24 - FR
12/06/24 - NL

09/17/24 - FR
09/18/24 - NL

19/11/24 - FR
20/11/24 - NL