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As part of its willingness to expand its distribution network, Domintell is looking every day for new electricians and home automation installers ready to work with the Domintell technology.

In order for our installers to develop an affinity and competence with the system Domintell, we offer professionals the opportunity to attend training courses at automation Domintell .

From level I initiation to a more advanced level II training, our experts accompany you throughout the day with theoretical and practical exercises to train the Domintell installers of tomorrow!

Voor meer informatie of voor inschrijving, aarzel dan niet om ons te contacteren via het onderstaand formulier.


Level 1

23/05/23 - NL
24/05/23 - FR

05/09/23 - FR
06/09/23 - NL

07/11/23 - NL
08/11/23 - FR

Level 2

06/06/23 - NL
07/06/23 - FR

19/09/23 - FR
20/09/23 - NL

21/11/23 - NL
22/11/23 - FR

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