Upgrade to the next Domintell generation!

Upgrade to the next generation of the Domintell technology with our upgrade offer for your existing installation!

Renowned for its robustness and reliability, the automation Domintell system is distributed in more than 35 countries with installations that are more than 20 years old and still working like the day they were installed! These installations, which are operational with the Domintell2 configuration software, are still active.

Since the launch of our new configuration software GoldenGateconfiguration software, we have ensured maximum backward compatibility of the modules making up these installations. However, our latest innovations and new products are only compatible with new-generation Masters (DGQG02/04) and GoldenGate.

As scalability is one of the fundamental values of our system, we offer an upgrade of your installation. We take back your old modules that are still functional with a 25% discount on the purchase of a new generation module.

Here is the list of the modules included in the offer and their successors:

DGQG01/DETH02/DETH03 ➡ DGQG04 - Central unit Master

DTSC01/02/03/04 ➡ DTSC05 - Main control screen

DDMX01 ➡ DDMX02 - Colour light controller

DLCD01/02/03 ➡ DPBRLCD02 - LCD touch screen

DD500/DD750/DD1000 ➡ DD400L - Dimmer modules

The new generation of Domintell modules and configuration software GoldenGate configuration software give you access to advanced control, customization and connectivity options.

These new features, combined with our latest innovations, make your installation even smarter, like the integration of all types of HVAC devices via our new ModBus interface. More intuitive and comprehensive control tools are now available, notably via the new integration with the Rainbow 7 " central control screen (DTSC05) or the Domintell Pilot 21 applicationforremote control via our new Domintell Cloud.

Don't wait any longer and take your installation to the next level!

We'll guide and advise you on the changes you need to make to keep your installation at the cutting edge of innovation, by sending you a mandatory configuration file (.dap) containing all your modules (in close collaboration with your electrician-installer if applicable).

For more information and detailed conditions, please contact us by phone on +32 (0) 67 88 82 50 or by e-mail via support@domintell.com.


1Thenew master DGQG04 natively includes communication functionalities to manage your installation remotely from our Domintell Pilot 2 application.

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