GoldenGate configuration software

The Domintell technology provides the link between the modules in your installation and your devices. This link is built and customized via our GoldenGate configuration software. Available on request to installers and authenticated users on our dedicated website, this software lets you configure and customize your automation installation down to the smallest detail.

Simple and intuitive

To enable everyone to get to grips with the system quickly, the software is based on an intuitive "Drag & Drop" principle that makes it easy to set up building automation systems in record time, whether simple or advanced.

GoldenGate software is available for free on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

man using GoldenGate software on his laptop


For a better understanding of the system and its software, we offer bilingual training sessions to enable installers and DIY users to fully master the technology and all its features. These sessions are free of charge and can be booked here.

electricians in training