A home tailored for you

by you & Domintell


Welcome to your home


Automate the operation of your home with intelligent commands or customized clocks.


Define lighting atmospheres and automatic lighting scenarios to suit your needs throughout the day.

The home reacts to outside temperature variations and controls the indoor climate.

Control all your shutters at the touch of a button or program their actions according to sunrise and sunset.

Manage your accesses and simulate presence when you're away for long periods.

Your home consumes just what it needs, and nothing more.

Adjust lighting intensity, set moods and control all your lights with a single command.


Secure your home with instant locking and presence simulation to deter intruders.

Energy savings

The autonomous system manages its consumption to avoid unnecessary consumption and reduce bills.


Smart home for all

Discover our standard housing cases to imagine your automation and its budget.

Design at the service of intelligent control

photo of a button interfaced to the Domintell system in a room at Dworp's B&B Hof ter Kouter
DPBR06-B in entrance hall

Combine the comfort of an automated home with a wide range of control devices in a refined, customizable design. As the system is open, it also interfaces with third-party buttons (Niko, Legrand, etc.).

From front doors to ceiling fixtures, find the right products to build the home you've always dreamed of.

Your home is always connected

With our Domintell Pilot app, the control of your home is at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Domintell Pilot homescreen