A versatile system

By you, for you

Automation answers your needs

Every project is unique

Our open, modular system adapts to all your project needs to create an optimized installation for your activity. Working in close collaboration with you, we develop a customized automation that will turn your facility into a smart, self-sufficient building.


Automate your site's operation based on centralized smart commands or customized timers.


Define lighting atmospheres and automatic lighting scenarios to suit your needs throughout the day.


Secure your facility with central access management and presence simulation to deter intruders.

Energy savings

The autonomous system manages its consumptions to avoid wasting resources and maximize payback.

Starting options for everyone

Depending on your needs, you can start with a central unit module that matches your current and future requirements. The modularity of our system means you can select the hardware that suits your needs and budget.

Smart building

The standard Master to connect your system and make your building smart thanks to automation.

LightBus technology

The connected Master for installations with LightBus from Domintell, a gate to low-voltage lighting automation.


The complete, connected Master for installations with maximum automation features.

A multitude of modules for an infinite range of activities

speculoos plant
apartment buildings with central swimming pool

Find the right module for your building's specific needs and functions. Automation makes life easier for you and your staff.

From lighting automation to access management, find a wide range of products to automate the performance of your structure.

Let's talk about your project