Our system

A simple system designed for the most complex configurations!

Efficiency rhymes with simplicity

The Domintell automation system is based on a Master module, the system'scentral unit. It controls all the modules in your installation, to which it is wired via a bus cable: it's the brain of the system.

Modules receive commands from the Master and then ask your devices to execute specific commands. Select them according to your needs. Each module is specialized in a specific function: they are the system's organs .

The entire installation is automated thanks to configurations defined by you in our GoldenGate software and controlled via the Domintell Pilot app.

An automated building's features


Automate the operation of your building using smart commands or customized timers.


Define lighting atmospheres and automatic lighting scenarios to suit your needs throughout the day.







Secure your building with instant locking and presence simulation to deter intruders.


The autonomous system manages its consumption to avoid unnecessary consumption and reduce bills.


Find the right Master for your needs

Smart building

The standard Master to connect your system and make your building smart.

LightBus technology

The connected Master for installations with LightBus from Domintell, a gate to low-voltage lighting automation.


The complete, connected Master for installations with maximum automation features.

Configuration software

Your system is configured via our GoldenGate configuration software, available on request from our professional website (or after registering and authenticating your system).

Integrated and connected system

The system's integration means that all its elements work together perfectly and are interconnected. They can therefore be controlled centrally from a touchscreen, or from anywhere using our mobile app and Cloud technology.

Open system

Rarely seen in the world of automation, our system is open. In other words, it interfaces with third-party devices and lets you choose what's best for you, without compromising on automation performance.
photo of a button interfaced to the Domintell system in a room at Dworp's B&B Hof ter Kouter

Proprietary system

From innovation to manufacturing, we control the entire value chain of our system. This translates into a flexible response to your requirements, and a great ability to adapt to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to build together the automation system that's right for you.