Our key features


Automate and simplify your daily life and make your buttons smart


Your home manages your consumptions for optimum energy efficiency


Air quality analysis so that the system ventilates and filters automatically when needed


Manage access, even remotely, trigger actions in the event of intrusion or simulate presence

Energy efficiency

Our technology manages your home's energy consumption autonomously and smartly. For example, the battery of your solar panels is more efficient when managed by automation.

A home tailored for you

Build the smart home that's right for you with our wide range of home automation features, accessible to all budgets.

photo of the kitchen at the B&B Hof ter Kouter in Dworp

Your button preferences

The Domintell system is open to the integration of devices from many third-party manufacturers. From the simplest Niko button, to the most refined touchscreen from our Rainbowrange, find the right button to control your automation.

photo of a button interfaced to the Domintell system in a room at Dworp's B&B Hof ter Kouter

Wireless automation

Our Dmax range is the lightweight, wireless alternative to the traditional automation. It is ideal for renovations or rentals to automate lighting, dimming, shutters and much more.


Inspiration from around the world

Let's find an installer near you!

The electrician-installer is the specialist technician who will install our automation system in your home.