Energy efficiency

Model homes

Insulation isn't the only factor in a building's energy efficiency. Thanks to our modules for detecting over-consumption of energy, real-time controls and intelligent battery management, you can create an efficient, energy-saving home.

Energy savings

Who hasn't forgotten to turn off the lights or heating when leaving home or work? With Domintell technology, you can configure buildings to think for you when it comes to managing your various consumers and the resulting bills. From lighting to heating, they switch off if they are left on for an extended period of time without human intervention, or if they are detected as being absent.

faucet that makes water flow

Responsible consumption

The automation Domintell allows your building to regulate its consumption and use the necessary resources, and nothing more, thanks to its automation. It enables everyone to consume water, gas or electricity responsibly, and thus respond effectively to modern environmental challenges for individuals and businesses.

person at table holding a cup of coffee and a smartphone with energy curves

Intelligent tracking

You can monitor your system's consumption live, but also set alerts in the event of overconsumption or program heating periods according to your presence. Your main screen or your Domintell Pilot application let you keep an eye on your system at all times, and take action if necessary.