New 8-output relay card

Discover our new compact relay card with 8 monopolar 16A outputs, perfect for optimizing home automation installations with numerous devices.

Domintell launches a new version of its relay card. The range has been extended to include a model with 8 monopolar 16A outputs(DMR02), in addition to the existing versions with 5 monopolar 3A outputs(DMR01) and 8 bipolar 8A outputs(DBIR01).

This new module has the advantage of being able to switch a greater number and variety of electrical devices based on detections and/or conditions, all in a very compact package (= 5 modules). Once connected via a bus automationthese automations are customized via our GoldenGate.

Its use is particularly well suited to theAlexa voice assistant and its remote device control functions. Amazon Alexa is one of the technologies integrated with the Domintell system via its skill available here.

As a reminder, a relay card is a module that manages electrical connections using magnetic switches. Like orchestra conductors, they control the switching on and off of connected electrical devices. This technology is used in industrial and automation contexts, where precise control - often by condition - of electrical equipment is essential.

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