Smart Energy

automation Domintell enables you to create an intelligent, energy-efficient building.
person at table holding a cup of coffee and a smartphone with energy curves

Energy savings

Automation using Domintell technology enables homes and commercial buildings to regulate their consumption and use the necessary resources, and nothing more. It enables everyone to consume water, gas or electricity responsibly, and thus respond effectively to modern environmental challenges for individuals and businesses.

Responsible business & R.O.I.

Our system also enables industrial and commercial sites to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their energy efficiency, thanks to constant monitoring and autonomous regulation by the entire installation. Ultimately, this also translates into a significant return on investment for businesses, with intelligent management of certain resources.

Modern challenges

Domintell enables plants to meet modern environmental and financial challenges for all types of structure. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, facilities are turning to greener energies, which are also costly if not mastered. So automation is no longer a "nice to have" but a real "must have"!

woman charging her electrical car at a station