Everyday comfort

automation automates your daily routine to simplify your life and save you precious time.

Make your life easier

Whether at home, in a company 's offices or in an industrial complex, the Domintell system automates a maximum number of tasks to simplify everyday life and save precious time. From total shutdown at closing time, to switching to home cinema mode for screenings at home, your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities offered by your environment!

happy family at home

Comfortable temperatures

One of the strengths of Domintell technology is its easy integration with your heating and ventilation systems. With your intelligent, autonomous building, you'll automatically reach ideal temperatures in zones defined by your personal settings, using only the resources you need. You can even anticipate or react live to the weather from your Domintell Pilot app from anywhere.

Plan your day

Thanks to the ability to schedule your system's actions on the basis of clocks, your configured system works in total autonomy and automatically adapts the building to temporary needs, based on your habits. Scenarios and ambiences with advanced customization can be triggered automatically whenever you want.