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The Happyland store (toys, decor, garden, home, animals, etc.) in the town of As, covering an area of 4,500m², called on Domintell to make its operations more intelligent. With such a large surface area, the management of lighting, access, alarms and audio represents a significant challenge for this structure.


One of our priorities was to ensure that the system required a minimum of manipulation and was easy to use. As sophisticated as Domintell technology is, it is nonetheless highly intuitive. As a result, any member of staff can easily trigger predefined actions. The last employee to leave the premises simply enters the alarm code, and the store goes into night mode.

With automation Domintell , Happyland has been able to achieve its twofold objective: to make the facility usable by all, and to control energy consumption. Savings are achieved, for example, through the use of lighting intensity levels, with a 50% reduction in lighting intensity in the morning when the park opens and in the evening when it closes. As the time available for the work was very limited, the ease with which the Domintell system could be installed enabled the installer to meet the deadline and use a minimum of wiring.



We're very satisfied with our intelligent system Domintell. Employees have no problem using it. The lights come on at 50%, then automatically switch to 100% during the day, the background music goes on, and all our secure doors unlock once the alarm code has been entered by one of the employees at the opening. We even have the option of displaying a message fifteen minutes before the store closes, telling customers to go to the checkouts if they have any purchases to make. What's more, the electricians were able to install the modules within the timeframe imposed.

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