Total control

Automation using Domintell technology gives you total control over your installation, and therefore over all the lighting in your building. Tailor your rooms according to the lighting needs of each, and control all your lights at the same time for total "All Off" in case of absence or in night mode. You can also link your lighting automation to motion or presence detectors, which will switch your rooms on or off depending on who is in them or how long they have been switched on.

model house in hands

Configuration and centralization

Our system also enables centralized control and monitoring of your lighting from a central screen. Once you've set up your installation using our GoldenGate configuration software, you're always up to date on which lights are in operation, thanks to our step-by-step visualization and customization features, which let you know what's on at all times. And you can make it even smarter by programming your lights as you like: dimming them until they're completely off, or switching them on when you do something else.

the Domintell DTSC05 Rainbow 7" touchscreen

Ambience and dimming

Domintell technology also enables high-quality dimming for all types of lamps, as well as color management. Light can therefore be customized to match specific times of day, or to create atmospheres suitable for certain contexts. Combined with your settings, the lighting can then recreate moods defined by you, whether in terms of light intensity, color, or other settings grouped with your favorite devices.

indoor swimming pool with cinema screen in a luminous blue atmosphere

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