Total control

Automation using the Domintell technology grants you total control over your installation, and therefore over all the lighting in your building. Tailor your rooms according to the lighting needs of each, and control all your lights at the same time for total "All Off" in case of absence or in night mode. Lighting automation can also be linked to motion sensors.

model house in hands

Configuration and centralization

Our system also enables centralized control and monitoring of your lighting from a central screen. Once your installation has been set up using our GoldenGate configuration software, you're always aware of which lights are in operation, thanks to step-by-step visualization of what's on, or condition-based and time-based programming.

the Domintell DTSC05 Rainbow 7" touchscreen

Atmospheres and dimming

The Domintell technology also enables high-quality dimming for all types of lamps, as well as color management. Light can therefore be customized to suit different times of day, or to create atmospheres suited to certain contexts. 

indoor swimming pool with cinema screen in a luminous blue atmosphere

Domintell Lightbus

The Domintell LightBus is a low-voltage LED lighting technology, ideal for automation. Based on a specific bus cable (reduced length and simplified panel) with dedicated drivers to control each lamp: you have control over dimmable lighting, individually or in groups.