With the total control over your lighting that Domintell allows, it is now possible to have control over the whole house. Tailor your rooms according to the lighting needs of each room and control all your lights at the same time. No need to turn off all the lights separately when you go to bed. The total control of your lighting also allows you to associate it with motion detectors that will turn on or off your rooms according to the passage in them or the time spent on.

Do you want to change those too classic and too intense lights? Our system allows you to centrally control your own lighting. You are always aware of which lights are on, thanks to the step-by-step visualization that allows you to know at any time which room is on or off. Harmonise your lighting by setting the actions of your buttons as you wish from our software to have access to all the possibilities that your lighting offers. Instead of keeping your child's nightlight on, use a light that dims over the course of the night until it is completely off. Plus, with RGB technology, your lights use precise colour variations for an atmosphere to suit your taste. An infinite number of configurations are available to you!


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