Access control

With the automation Domintellsystem, keep control of your different rooms and buildings by configuring their access on site or remotely. Secure your site by filtering access with badge or fingerprint readers. Tracking information is then sent to you instantly, enabling you to monitor the security of your facility in real time.

one person opens access with the key and the reader 1-Wire

Attendance tracking

Security is also assured by adjustable motion (or presence) detectors to alert you to a presence in your home during predetermined periods. Linked with your connected alarms, you can keep a constant eye on your home or business, and be warned of intruders wherever you are via the Domintell Pilot app. Leave for work or the weekend with peace of mind, Domintell protects what's precious to you.

dmov06 in an office context

Protection against intrusion

Several anti-intrusion devices or alarms can be combined with Domintell technology to avoid or prevent any intrusion in your absence. In addition to access control, you can also set up a presence simulation when you're not on site: at set times, your system switches on lights or plays music to simulate your activity and deter ill-intentioned people.

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