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Tel: +32 (0) 473 84 45 90
Avenue de la Couronne, 269
1050 Brussels

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In the heart of the Brabant-Wallon region, the guest rooms of dimensions M de Corbais offer accommodation solutions for both leisure and business stays. To maximize comfort, security and overall control of the complex, it was decided to use a automation system capable of efficiently meeting all these needs. The owners therefore opted for the Domintell system, which guaranteed them all these possibilities, as well as absolute installation and configuration comfort for the 5 rooms that make up the facility.


Ici, la domotique gère un éclairage dimmé et automatisé dans les chambres et salons avec chauffage au sol contrôlable à distance et stores automatisés, permettant ainsi un contrôle centralisé via un écran tactile et l’application Domintell Pilot. Aussi, l’aspect sécurité n’a pas été négligé puisque l’ensemble des lieux possède un système composé d’alarmes et de chambres verrouillées par code ainsi que des caméras. Le tout est directement relié au système Domintell, qui permet d’automatiser les réactions et actions à déclencher en cas d’incident.



With the automation solution, we wanted to achieve the best possible energy management, while enabling our guests, or ourselves, to keep an eye on the state of the entire building, and thus ensure that everyone's stay runs smoothly. Comfort also means that each room is fully automated, allowing our guests to personalize and control their space via their own smartphone or tablet. So everyone can arrange the space to their own liking, for the most pleasant stay ever, feeling right at home!


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