Domintell LightBus

The Domintell LightBus is our latest innovation in lighting solutions automation.

By combining the quality of low-voltage LED lighting with the unrivalled dimming of Domintell technology, you get an ideal, cost-effective solution.

Classic installation

Domintell LightBus

Classic installation

Complex wiring and long installation time

Standard lighting without dimming

Wetland constraints and regulations (RGIE)

Domintell LightBus

Less wiring and simplified electrical panel

Solution automation (dimming, ambiances, groups, scalability, etc.)

Safe installation and fewer EMCR constraints

The automation accessible to all

The LED dimming via Domintell LightBus is of high quality, at a controlled price: linearity and smoothness in dimming from 1% to 100%.

Industrial grade wiring, lamps and modules for long life and reliability

It brings all the benefits of automation to your lighting while requiring much less wiring, reducing installation time and therefore cost. For a similar price, you get all the benefits of a automation solution compared to "traditional" electrical wiring.

The benefits in more detail

Easy to wire

Dimmable lighting for personalized atmospheres

Superior dimming quality (linearity 0-100%)...

 ...Independent of the quality of the electrical network

Total flexibility

Higher efficiency => Energy savings

Simplified electrical panel

High stability of the lighting

Our documentations to deepen

Our explanatory flyer (Beginner - EN-FR-NL)

Our explanatory flyer
(Advanced - EN-FR-NL)

Why LightBus (Beginner - EN-FR-NL)

Why LightBus (Advanced - EN-FR-NL)

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