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Phone: +32 (0) 478 73 82 40
Putsesteenweg, 111
2920 Kalmthout

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The Arendonk serviced residences are a real estate complex built at the request of the Flemish institutions (OCMW), comprising 20 self-contained homes equipped for ideal living comfort thanks to automated equipment. Among this equipment was a 20-year-old automation system, chosen to make daily life easier for the residents, but showing its age, it was no longer performing well enough. It was then decided to call on Domintell to equip the complex with a more flexible and modern system.


One of the reasons we chose Domintell was its ease of installation. Most home automation systems are installed in new buildings. In this case, however, Domintell offered a technology that was easy to install in a 25-year-old building, and did so very quickly, with an average of just 4.5 hours per room, even though it was equipped with two complete electrical boxes.

The system provides numerous home automation functions: ventilation and heating, security, energy savings, access control, presence detection and much more are all automated here. The entire complex is thus made intelligent and autonomous, for unique living comfort!



Living in my apartment in this residence is truly a constant pleasure. I no longer have to worry about temperatures and ventilation, which are managed automatically depending on the time of day or what I'm doing. For example, if I'm cooking, the ventilation turns on by itself. Above all, I always feel safe with automated help center alert systems, connected alarms and presence detection systems to spot any anomalies. All this, without any on-site staff: I'm as autonomous as my home!

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