Berg en Dal - Netherlands

Spacious villa

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Berg en Dal

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DIY - This installation was carried out completely independently by the owner, thanks to the easy installation and integration of the Domintell system.

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This villa was built in the years 70 and completely renovated in 2016. It is a bungalow where all living functions are located on the ground floor. However, all living functions such as kitchen, living room and bedrooms are in a different place than before. In this way a much more logical building of the house arose. By demolishing several walls, an open concept was created.


With a lighting plan drawn up by a lighting designer, the idea came to control the DALI lighting with the Domintell system. One of the owners' wishes was to be able to call up pre-programmed lighting scenes. Thanks to the complete renovation, it was possible to place control interfaces and sensors at the desired locations.

Control interfaces and touch screens from the Rainbow range were a logical choice for this contemporary villa with its designer lighting.



I have a certain affinity with technology. We wanted automation at home. After meeting Domintell Netherlands, I was convinced of the story behind the system. I was also able to see for myself how simple installation and configuration were. The DALI lighting dims superbly thanks to the DALI interface!

W. Raaymakers


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