Bus cable for Domintell LightBus - 1 m


Cable Domintell LightBus per meter.

The blue DCBL bus cable is dedicated to Domintell LightBus for the management of low voltage lighting through driver-dimmers (e.g. DLBD500). It can be powered via a power supply between 24 and 48 Vdc. The data is transmitted via a twisted pair according to the RS-485 standard.


Power supply: Dedicated class 2 power supply with double insulation (square symbol with double edge)
Supply voltage: 24-48 Vdc
Maximum current per bus segment: 5 A*.
Maximum cable length: Application**
Maximum distance between driver and lamp: 1 m

* A bus segment is any part of the bus that starts at a power supply and ends at the last driver (DLB) of the segment
**An application is available to calculate the maximum distance according to the number of drivers and their layout.


Le Domintell LightBus opérant avec des drivers-dimmers dédiés (DLBXX), il est préconisé d’utiliser des lampes LED sans drivers intégrés.

Nous recommandons d’utiliser le Domintell LightBus en association avec des lampes LED de la gamme proposée dans notre offre. Les lampes sans drivers DLIGHT ou les lampes sans drivers de notre partenaire ORBIT® reprises dans notre catalogue sont donc recommandées à l’usage avec notre système.Voir notre page <a href=”https://domintell.com/lightbus/”>dédiée</a>.

The system is suitable for almost all types of LED lamps by using our driver-dimmer. Any light source is suitable: the forward voltage of the LEDs must be lower than the supply voltage. The direct voltage of the LEDs must be lower than the supply voltage of the LightBus. The connection of LED lamps in series is therefore permitted as long as the direct voltage is lower than the supply voltage of the LightBus.

Technical diagram

Sufficient power for all modules:

DCBL wiring diagram


Multiple power supplies:


Wiring diagram of the DCBL with several power supplies


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