Newsletter July 2022

Find the newsletter Domintell of July 2022. This month: introduction of DRGBW01, the new DlIfe+ formula and the Dcare solution.
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July 2022

Control your color LED ribbons with DRGBW

The latest creation from automation Domintell , this module allows you to customize your lighting environment through the automation and total control of color and monochrome LED ribbons made intelligent, for an infinity of possibilities.

We adapt the service range with Dlife+.

Our complementary service for the maintenance and the upgrade of your installation has a new lighter formula to adapt to all needs. In close collaboration with your installer, maintenance and troubleshooting are no longer a concern.

Dcare, our connected bracelet for seniors

Domintell launches its Dcare brand, a bracelet connected to an application to secure and take care of your elderly relatives, even when you are at a distance (fall detection and geolocation throughout your home in particular).

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