The DPBC : a colorful smart push-button

New innovation for our range of push-buttons, Domintell presents its DPBC.

Latest innovation for our range of push-buttons, Domintell introduces you to its brand new DPBC. These sleek design push-buttons feature dimmable multicolor LEDs, which means you can adjust the intensity of their lighting, for example with lowered intensity at night for better comfort. Those LEDs offer a choice among 8 colors, including a perfect white option thanks to the “true white” technology for a total respect for design and colors. These indicator lights essentially carry the follower and information functions.

What is meant by signalling and follower function?

Combined with both your Domintell system and a device, the DPBC offers you two operating modes. The first one, the follower mode, can display the status of the paired device thanks to predefined color codes as well as the evolution of this status depending on your pushes on the said button. The second one is the information mode, which simply allows you to distinguish the buttons regardless of the device state.

Discreet thermostats throughout your building

Moreover, the DPBCs are all equipped with a temperature sensor ingeniously embedded which also allows them to carry a thermostat function in each room they are placed in. The Domintell system grants you total monitoring and control over the climate inside your installation thanks to the presence of a DPBC in each key-zone.

Your building is getting smarter

These DPBCs then allow you to equip your installation with push-buttons originally including all the necessary technology to make your installation smarter and more accessible every day. By judiciously placing several of these push-buttons in strategic spots and combining them with an appropriate configuration, largely increase the possibilities offered by your building.

The DPBCs exist in several versions so you can handle bigger numbers of devices. They are then available in versions of 1, 2 and 4 buttons which can separately handle different devices associated with the Domintell system. For now, the DPBCs are only available in white.


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