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DIY - This installation was carried out entirely independently by the owner, thanks to the easy installation and integration of the Domintell system.

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Originally equipped with the Domomaster system, Mr Vercammen’s house in Elversele needed to modernize its home automation installation. Indeed, it was necessary to adapt the house to the latest technologies. It is then after careful reflection, when Domintell was selected as the new technology which would equip the whole house.

For this 22-year-old installation, the new system had to be flexible enough to integrate easily and make a smooth transition that wouldn't require too much effort from the owner. 


This translates in particular into the automation of the air conditioning and swimming pool, which are entirely under the control of Domintell technology. Everything can therefore be controlled from several locations in the home via an assortment of buttons from the Rainbow range of buttons located at several strategic points around the home.



As a do-it-yourselfer, I wanted a reliable system with a wide range of programming options. Domintell was the best choice. The ease of programming both simple and complex situations quickly convinced me. Today, the house operates autonomously, both for temperature control and lighting. For me, that's what automation is all about: making everything easy to manage for users.

Mr. Vercammen

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