Smart stabilized power supply 20 W


Module allowing to supply power of the Domintell modules on the bus. It communicates with the Master and provides it with its status at all times. It is mandatory to have a power supply in each electrical box. Depending on the number of modules on the bus, it may be necessary to have several power supplies in an installation. In this case, special precautions are necessary. Please refer to the user manual.


Power supply: 230 Vac +/-10 % 50 Hz
Nominal output voltage : 15 Vdc
Maximum output power: 20 W
Bus connection via quick connect
Dimensions : L-52.5 mm (3 modules)
DIN railmounting
Operating temperature : -10 °C to 45 °C *
* If the ambient temperature exceeds 45 °C, the maximum power is divided by 2


Technical diagram

DALI04 wiring diagram


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