Presence detector


The DMOV07 module is a motion detector with a light sensor. It is ideal for installation in a suspended hard ceiling.

Unlike the DMOV06, the DMOV07 is directly connected to the Domintell bus and does not require any additional interface.


Power supply: bus
Power consumption: max. 30 mA
Bus connection via quick coupling (plug-in)
Dimensions: 38 mm ∅ x 40 mm H
Mounting diameter: 32 mm
Brightness measurement range: 0 to 16000 lux
Operating distance: up to 6m
Detection angles: ± 80° horizontal axis | ±100° vertical axis
Signal LED can be switched off
Minimum version of GoldenGate 17.0.1
Minimum version DGQG02/DGQG04 24.1.0
The DMOV07 only works with the new generation Masters (DGQG02 and later)
Operating temperature : 10 °C to 50 °C

Cable: section between 0.2 and 1.3 mm², max. length of 20 m, stranded wire (if multi-strand, the cable must include a lug); different types of cable are possible: telephone cable, alarm cable (with lugs), network cable.

This module is not compatible with DGQG01.

Technical diagram

awiring diagram DMOV07


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