The new generation Master

Even more efficient, the system Domintell evolves according to innovations and modernises its range and launches its new generation Master.
DGQG04 front view

The Master Domintell
new generation

DGQG04 seen from left

In parallel with the renewal of its Master range with the"All-in-one" DGQG02 module and its configuration software with GoldenGate, Domintelldraws on the scalability of its system to keep solutions in line with the latest innovations. This is why, after many years of good and loyal service, the DGQG01 Master module is also being replaced.

Discover the DGQG04, the latest generation master module. This module retains the original qualities of the DGQG01, now accompanied by a multitude of new innovative features, allowing it to align with the latest innovations of the system and the needs of the users. The USB connection has been abated in favor of an Ethernet connection for an ever more intuitive and fast control thanks to the new configuration possibilities of the GoldenGate cross-platform software and the Smartphone application Domintell Pilot.

With the DGQG04, your smart installation is easily controlled from anywhere, at anytime. In addition, it incorporates many technologies including an extension connector, which will allow you to connect many third-party devices for an installation that always meets your needs.

Basic content:
- Ethernet connection for communication, control and programming of the system
- Internal clock for time functions, astronomical clock and presence simulation
- Direct control of the system via the Domintell Pilot app (Android or Apple)
- BUS system Domintell

This new generation master is compatible with existing Domintell installations and uses the new multi-platform GoldenGate software (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux).

Now available for purchase!

For a smart home

With the DGQG04, connect your home and control your entire installation from a mobile device with our application Domintell Pilot.

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