The Master"All-in-one"".

Domintell launches its new "all-in-one" Master, including numerous inputs, outputs and other essentials as standard.

The new Master's degree "All-in-one"
by Domintell

Master DGQG02 front view
DGQG02 functionalities diagram

Always more efficient, the system Domintell continues to evolve with our innovations. For this reason, Domintell will soon launch its new Master"All-in-one"DGQG02.

Without replacing the stand-alone DGQG01 Master module, the new Master will be completing the range by originally including many inputs and outputs and other elements essential to an automation installation. 

Basic content:
- Ethernet connection for communication, control and programming of the installation
- Internal clock for time functions, astronomical clock and presence simulation
- Direct control of the installation via the app Domintell Pilot (Android or Apple)
- BUS system Domintell
- Master power supply

Number of basic integrated inputs and outputs:
- 6 x 16 A (R) monopolar outputs
- 2 x 8 A (R) bipolar outputs
- 1 x 8 A (R) output for controlling shutters, valves, motors, etc.
- 2 outputs 0 to 10 V
- 1 interface 1-Wire® for single cable devices
- 1 Wiegand interface + 2 outputs for LEDs (specific for access control)
- 11 inputs 10 to 24 V
- 1 input 10 to 24 V without common
- 1 output 12 V 50 mA to control the inputs
- Expansion connector: easy integration of additional peripherals

This new Master is particularly suitable for "standard" flats or houses, assisted living facilities, nursing homes or hotels as well as small and medium sized companies. The master alone, or with an extension, will cover almost all your needs in automation.

This all-in-one master will be compatible with existing Domintell installations and will use the new GoldenGate cross-platform software (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux).

Now available for purchase!

For a smart home

Thanks to the DGQG02, connect your home and control your entire installation from a mobile device with our Domintell Pilot app.


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Master DGQG02 front view

The new DGQG02 is available, order now!