Beauraing - Belgium

Château-Ferme Pondrôme

The Pondrôme Castle-Farme is a gite located in Beauraing, in the Province of Namur. This 450m² domain with 7 bedrooms and numerous amenities, is a typical project for a Domintell home automation installation. Indeed, being able to manage a house this big and ensure the comfort of twenty people simultaneously requires a centralized and most automated possible control.

In Beauraing, the entire castle is equipped with the Domintell system. Lighting is managed in groups according to zones and is programmed to adapt its operation according to the times of day. Many of the motion detectors also automate the switching on of the light points according to the passages and dimmers make it possible to adjust the atmosphere in certain rooms. Everything can be managed from anywhere in the castle via the application Domintell Pilot.

Essential given the size of the site, the owner can also have an overview of the installation via a large touch screen. This huge holiday home is therefore easily automated and customised with the configurations chosen by the managers, which gives it an important added value to welcome guests in ideal conditions.

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