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The Van Damme company located in Ternat, Belgium is the specialist for storage, ripening and distribution of bananas. This family company experienced a significant growth two years ago, which lead it to need a large expansion of its facilities in order to expand and adapt.

To the existing storage and ripening areas, were added some brand-new office spaces, a concierge service and an apartment. Since the beginning of the project, the choice of a building automation system was clearly integrated in the building evolution plans. Given the high level of expectations from the customer and the number of active devices inside the premises, the building automation solution was obvious and necessary.

The Domintell system was then chosen to equip the entire complex and not just the industrial areas which are often prioritised. The emphasis was on the automation of lighting and the heatingWith the emphasis on automation of the motion detectors and sensors were judiciously placed for total autonomy of the site.

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